CFB – Week 12


Alabama (-17.5) at Mississippi State – This one is simple… Alabama still has a shot at the playoffs and they know it. Mississippi State is a below average SEC team.

Louisville (-4) at NC State – I’ve been high on Louisville all season. Coach Satterfield will have his team ready to come back into North Carolina and take care of the Wolfpack .


Indiana (+15) at Penn State – Indiana is trending upward. Penn State will struggle to recover from their playoff eliminating loss to Minnesota last week.

Missouri (+7) vs. Florida – I really like the home field edge for the Tigers here who haven’t played a home game since early October.

Michigan (-13.5) vs. Michigan State – Michigan State is in a downward spiral and Michigan loves to kick the Spartans when their down.

Minnesota (+3.5) at Iowa – Minnesota is slighted. They’re undefeated. They just beat Penn State and they’re still an underdog. Take the points!

Washington State (-10.5) vs. Stanford – Both teams are technically playing for bowl eligibility but Stanford has not looked impressive recently and is dealing with some defensive injuries while playing on the road.

Baylor (+10.5) vs. Oklahoma – See Minnesota above… Undefeated and a significant underdog. At a minimum they’ll keep it close.


Minnesota (+10) & Baylor (+17) – Teasing the two undefeated teams 6.5 points to some key numbers.

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